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We only use custom made, 100% synthetic, specialist technical yarn. Our yarn stands the test of time with many of the first mallets we manufactured still being used today.


Our rattan handles are selected for strength and straightness whilst our maple handles are strong, straight and smooth with each being given a light coat of sealant to preserve the wood without diminishing its natural feel.

Mallet heads

Each mallet head is tapped and each handle threaded, creating a mechanical bond between head and handle. This extra step increases the bond significantly reducing the risk of a mallet head flying off!  Our mallet cores are precision manufactured with cutting edge moulding and grinding machines, they are perfectly balanced and perfectly round. 

Inner layers

Every model produces unique tonal characteristics derived from different internal core structures. Materials including latex, felt, foam and plastic (to name just a few) are combined to produce a specific sound for a particular instrument. 


Our pursuit to find the right glue took over two years. Bonding mallet cores to mallet handles is of paramount importance and something we take very seriously. We use aerospace technology glue with outstanding strength. To this day we’ve not had a single pair returned because of a head becoming loose.


Our custom made computer controlled mallet wrapping machines allow us to wrap each mallet with precision each and every time. Winding angles, tension shape and complete consistency are all taken care of and carefully controlled.