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All of the yarn we use are custom made for us with special resistant properties built in. We use 100% synthetic, and for very good reason. Natural fibres break up, filaments split, and can quickly begin to fray, however, our yarn stands the test of time. Many of the very first mallets we made are still in use today and in the same shape as the day they were made.

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Rattan is the generic name of approximately 600 species of climbing plants existing in only a few parts of the world, mostly South East Asia. Growing at an average 4 inches per day, it is also one of the fastest thriving plants in the world. Our rattan is supplied from trusted farmers and selected for its strength and straightness.

Our birch and maple handles are sourced exclusively from North America, they are straight, strong, smooth and joint free!

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Mallet heads

We thread our mallet heads in order to add a mechanical bond between head and handle. This extra step strengthens the bond significantly reducing the risk of a mallet head flying off! Precision manufactured with cutting edge injection moulding machines, our mallet cores are perfectly balanced and perfectly round. 



Our pursuit to find the right glue took over two years. Bonding cores to handles is of paramount importance and something we take very seriously. We use aerospace technology glue with incredible bonding strength. To this day we’ve not had a single pair returned to us because of a head becoming loose.

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